An extraordinary experience just for you
that begins with UNO and spreads abundantly!

01.Have fun at Setouchi

Enjoy an uninhabited island, freely!

From resort-style 'glamping' to casual day camps. The entire island is reserved for private use, and a truly relaxing experience will come true without worrying about other people's 'eyes'.


A Yacht trip
where the Seto Inland Sea becomes a private space

Immerse yourself in the breeze of the sea and enjoy a luxury yacht trip around the islands where you can view nature, art and life existence.

Enjoy seasonal fishing in the Seto Inland Sea, which is rich in fish species

"Setouchi Fishing" is experienced on a fishing boat while feeling the sea breeze on your skin. There is also a plan for the Head Chef of UNO HOTEL and Tamanoyu to cook the fish that you caught.

02.Relax in the hot spring

An open-air bath overlooking the sea and seasonal food in Setouchi

Relax in a location overlooking the beauty of the island. In addition to the open-air bath, you can relax your mind and body in a sleeping bath and salt sauna. There is also a Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy seasonal delicacies in Setouchi.

03.Enjoy an island trip

Let's go to an island that we haven't seen yet!

The Uno Port area, which has easy access to the islands of the Setouchi Sea, is the gateway to SETOUCHI'S Journey. It is a great base for exploring and enjoying the beautiful islands that are scattered around. Look for the calm waters and the beauty of the archipelago, yet-to-see islands, and extraordinary experiences!


The island of origin, contemporary art of the Seto Inland Sea

Setouchi Yacht Charter
Yacht: Approximately 30 minutes / Boat: Approximately 10 minutes
Uno Port → Naoshima (Miyaura Port)
Ferry: Approximately 20 minutes /
High-speed boat: Approximately 15 minutes


A wonderful landscape where rich forests and spring water moisten the rice terraces

Setouchi Yacht Charter
Yacht: Approximately 90 minutes / Boat: Approximately 25 minutes
Uno Port → Teshima (Ieura Port)
Ferry: Approximately 40 minutes / High-speed boat: Approximately 25 minutes


Harmony of architecture and art that makes the best use of the remains

Setouchi Yacht Charter
Yacht: Approximately 90 minutes / Boat: Approximately 35 minutes
Uno Port → Inujima (via Teshima)
Ferry 25 minutes + Passenger ship 25 minutes
* Excluding transit time

Main island

A treasure trove of cultural assets full of emotion, lined with historical buildings

Setouchi Yacht Charter
Yacht: Approximately 120 minutes / Boat: Approximately 40 minutes
Kojima Kanko Port → Honjima
Passenger Ship: Approximately 30 minutes


A scenic island where nature, climate and culture are in harmony

Setouchi Yacht Charter
Yacht: Approximately 150 minutes / Boat: Approximately 40 minutes
Uno Port → Shodoshima (Tonosho Port)
Ferry: Approximately 90 minutes / High-speed boat: Approximately 60 minutes

04.Taste Setouchi gourmet

Dining Experience created by a New Dining Space in Setouchi

Focusing on ingredients rooted in setouchi, and sticking to seasonal ingredients, you can enjoy meals casually and unpretentiously. In addition, the open terrace seats that feel the sea breeze create a more memorable scene.