Transportation information

About 1 minute walk from "Uno Station" on the JR Uno Minato Line / About 3 minutes walk from "Uno Port Ferry Terminal"

Parking lot information

  • Free on-site parking (accommodates 25 cars)
  • Adjacent parking lot (accommodates 140 Uno Port parking lots)
  • ●General users: 500 yen every 24 hours
  • ●Hotel / restaurant users: Free service available

【For those arriving by plane, train or bus】

From Okayama Momotaro Airport, take the shuttle bus to JR Okayama Station.
About 50 minutes from JR Okayama Station to JR Uno Station on the JR Uno Minato Line.
About 1 minute walk from JR Uno Station.

【For those coming by car】

From Osaka ... About 60 minutes from Sanyo Expressway "Bizen IC" via Okayama Blue Line / Prefectural Road 397

From Hiroshima ... About 30 minutes from Seto Chuo Expressway "Mizushima IC" via Prefectural Road 22 and National Road 30

Access from each city

TOKYO / Tokyo

By plane: Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes
(Haneda Airport-Okayama Momotaro Airport) By
Shinkansen: Approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes (Tokyo Station-Okayama Station)

KYOTO / Kyoto

By Shinkansen: Approximately 1 hour (Kyoto Station-Okayama Station)

OSAKA / Osaka

By Shinkansen: Approximately 45 minutes (Shin-Osaka Station-Okayama Station)

HIROSHIMA / Hiroshima

By Shinkansen: Approximately 40 minutes (Hiroshima Station-Okayama Station)

FUKUOKA / Fukuoka

By Shinkansen: Approximately 2 hours (Hakata Station-Okayama Station)