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Perfect winter taste for Ladies-only gatherings ♪ All-you-can-eat snow crab at BLUNO French tailored “Crab x Club” Accommodation Plans


Accomodation with All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crabs & Accommodation with Hot Spring ACCOMODATION PLANS ♪

At UNO HOTEL, starting December 1st, Wednesday until February 28th, Monday, a premium BLUNO special French- style Accommodation with “All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crab” & “Hot spring” & “Breakfast” (from 2 people) Plans will be prepared.
(Excluded dates: 12/24 to 25, 12/30 to 1/3, and the third Tuesday and the day before it)
Feel Happiness and Satisfaction with the warmth of Hot Springs and satiating Delicious Crabs ♪

■All-you-can-eat Snow Crab

Dinner will be a French-style “All-You-Can-Eat Snow Crabs (90 minutes)”. Enjoy the taste of winter and delicious Seasonal crabs to your heart’s content!
Meal time is segmented into a two-part system. (17: 30 ~ or 20: 00 ~)

◆Set contents◆
《90 minutes all-you-can-drink alcohol and soft drinks》
・ Bagna Cauda with Vegetables and Crab Miso from Tamano City
・ Tartare with snow crab
・ Roasted snow crab
・ Fresh fish from Setouchi
・ Cream risotto with snow crab
・ French baguette

For those who may not like some ingredients or have food allergies, please let us know during reservation time.

■Setouchi Onsen Tamanoyu

Setouchi Onsen Tamanoyu, a natural hot spring about a 3-minute walk from UNO HOTEL, is a calcium / sodium chloride spring that has a high moisturizing and heat-retaining effect, and is rich in radon, which is valuable nationwide. The weakly alkaline spring quality makes the skin smooth, so it is also called “Beautiful skin hot spring / Bijin no Yu”. Relax in various baths such as an open-air bath facing the sea and two types of saunas.
You can use the Tamanoyu Onsen as many times as you like until you check out.
When it gets cold like this season, let’s get into the hot spring and warm up our body cores! ♪


You can choose your favorite room. (* Excluding separate singles) The
photo is an example. For room details, please check the room information .


The American breakfast, which uses plenty of fruits and vegetables (with, of course, Setouchi ingredients as well), is attractive-looking, and you will have a healthy and a nutritious breakfast and look forward to an energetic day.
Special colorful vegetable juices and Benedict egg with Hollandaise sauce using Nori (Dried Seaweeds), which is a specialty of Setouchi, are unique dishes here.

There is also a MEAL-ONLY plan for “All-you-can-eat Snow Crab”. (Complete reservation system up to 3 days in advance) As with the accommodation plan, All-you-can-EAT and All-you-can-DRINK are 90 minutes.
Please make a reservation by phone.

Period: 12/1 (Wednesday) -2/28 (Monday)
(* Excluded dates: 12 / 24-25, 12 / 30-1 / 3)
Price: 10,000 yen per person
Number of people: 2-4 people
Time: ①17: 30 ~ ②20: 00 ~

* For those who may not like some ingredients or have food allergies, please let us know during reservation time.